Monthly Review April

Planning With Kids Monthly Review

This review actually encompasses the last two months as at the end of March I reviewed the family budget.

Key Tasks for March/April

  1. Mr I and myself to go out for dinner (belated wedding anniversary celebration).
  2. Still uncompleted! We have a hectic calendar for June so I will have to make sure we do this in May.

  3. Continue posting three times a week on Planning With Kids, keeping one week in advance.
  4. Just managing to keep up with this one and have found some rhythm in blog posting – naturally I have a little blog time management process that I like.

  5. Organise the Christening for our new son.
  6. We held the Christening at the end of March which was beautiful. He has two beautiful Godfathers and we were lucky enough to have family and friends celebrate with us back at our house.

  7. Complete another bulk menu planning session.
  8. I am now doing monthly menu planning. It is amazing how quickly the weeks turn by, so I have found it to be a more effective use of my time to sit down once a month and bulk plan then.

  9. Send out thank you cards for the birth of our son.
  10. Completed. Kate from Lazy Cow Designs turned three photos into an amazing postcard for me. It was such a sweet design and family and friends loved them. If you need any invitations, thank you cards, Christmas Cards, etc I can highly recommend Kate!

Key Tasks for May

  1. Create a project plan for my other project.
  2. Teach my 10 year old to cook a basic meal.
  3. Go out to dinner with my husband.
  4. Visit the Art Gallery with the children.

There is literally dozen more things I would like to add to this list, but I am trying to become more realistic about what I can achieve with my time.

What is on your to do list for May?