10 Favourite Posts For April

I really enjoy writing these monthly posts, reviewing some of my favourite readings from the blogosphere. It is always hard to narrow it down to ten, as their is so much great stuff out there.

If you have read something in April that you loved, please leave a link in the comments and share some of your favourites.

These first two posts are very personal and poignant. They are tinged with sadness, so you may need a tissue.

(1). Warrior Wednesday

Alison at Three Times Kewl gave a birth to a beautiful baby boy last year, that came too earlier and just wasn’t strong enough yet. This post written to him – Zy her Warrior.

(2). Even if it’s a crooked rainbow with colors missing. It still counts, damnit.

Lotus at Sarcastic Mom, also reflects on loss, as the anniversary of her first miscarriage comes around.

The next two are reflections on family life:

(3). How I Became Domestic

Nicki at Domestic Cents talks about her journey of how she became a “domestic mama” and how she is very content with who she is.

(4). A Letter Of Appreciation

In this post Sarah from Clover Lane is writing to her husband to say thanks for his efforts on their vacation, which allowed her to feel recharged.

The following four posts can give you inspiration for things to make with the kids:

(5). Veggie Pops For Kids

Goddess Of The Garden shows you how to make Popsicles with spinach in them!

(6). All Tied Up

Maya at maya*made shows how you can create a simple tool to help children practice tying knots.

(7). Lemon Cake Balls

Leigh Anne from Your Homebased Mum has step by step photos on how to make cake balls – very cute.

(8). Magazine cut-out activity with toddlers

Katey from Having Fun At Home has a creative and simple idea on how to have fun with your old magazines, by making stories with the pictures.

The last two post have some great organisational tips:

(9). 9 Lists To Keep Updated, and Keep Handy

Stepcase LifeHack gives you fantastic suggested lists that you should keep updated in a handy notebook – things like “Got a minute” and “Gift Ideas” etc.

(10). Organizing Your Child’s Room is a Process

Laura at I’m An Organizing Junkie aims to make the tasks of organising a child’s room easier, by detailing a process you can follow.

Looking forward to seeing what you enjoyed reading last month.