Building Play Into The Every Day

Mum and Child Play

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This is my last contribution to the Carnival of Play.

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One of the beautiful things about play is that it can be done almost any time, any where and with no resources or with an amazing array of objects.

In the busy bustle of the every day, it can be easy for play to be forgotten. This is not only to the detriment of the children, but also for the adults as well. It is surprising how invigorated and happy you feel when you take even a short time out to play.

With a little bit of thought, it is possible to include play into your busy schedule without too much difficulty. These sessions combined with full time out for play, will enhance your relationship with your children and improve your moods

The list below is just one example of how you can turn the mundane into playful fun and still work through the day.

Wake Up

When you enter the child’s room after they have called out (if they don’t come to you) you can play some peek a boo. Either use the door and jump into and out of the room or bob up and down so you appear and disappear from their view near their bed.


Play the forgetful waiter if you help them get their breakfast. Pick up the wrong cereal box, act confused, pretend you don’t know how to open the lid to the milk bottle. Draw them into your charade and let them play along.

Morning Tea

If it is a rainy day, make morning tea fun by creating an island to eat on. Place a blanket on the ground. Make a pathway with towels that can form the bridge to get onto the island. Enlist the children’s help to get the supplies to the island. Eat morning tea together keeping an eye out for pirates!


Vacuuming the house can be a lot of fun if your children are not frightened of it. As the vacuum is making its way around the house, it can go out of control and suck up little children! My children will often try and dodge the vacuum’s head as I push it around the carpet.


While sorting the laundry, (if like me it piles up occassionally!), you can hide a child underneath a pile and pretend that you can’t find them. When hanging out towels and sheets etc on the line, you can also play peek a boo.


Play restaurants. Create a menu, select a chef, waiting staff, set the table and enjoy lunch at the house restaurant.

Tidy Up

Allow the toys to take on personalities and help them find their homes. For example, Thomas The Tank is sad, he needs to find Annie and Clarabel – let’s fine his friends so he can go to sleep. Teddy is confused, he thinks his place is in the bathroom – does he belong there???

Afternoon Tea

If the weather is good sit outside on a picnic blanket. Look up into the sky and see what shapes/objects you can make out of the clouds.


We play this game imaginatively titled “The Saw You Game” often when I am cooking dinner. The layout of our house allows for a circuit to run through the lounge room, kitchen, dining room, sitting room and hallway. The path through the kitchen is away from the benches and stoves, so while I am cooking, the children attempt to make it through the kitchen without me seeing them. (I have my back to the pathway.) If I see them I have to call out “I saw you Possum” or whichever child it is before they cross the line ending the kitchen. The children love this game and I am always the one who tires of it first.


The bath can be a great place for play, pouring water, bubbles, splashing, etc. We have a range of pouring toys like jugs and tea sets in the bath and the children will often make me cups of tea to drink.

I also listed some other ideas on how to incorporate play into your daily activities at 10 Preschooler Early Learning Activities You Can Plan Into Your Day.

How do you make your day more fun with play?