10 Top Posts For March

With The Personal Touch

The first five posts selected are all personal posts that are beautifully written / photographed. They all come from Australian mother’s with lots of interesting things to say, so be sure to check out their blogs.

1. Getting My Groove Back

Kathy from Zucchini’s in Bikinis writes a beautiful reflection on managing life with their latest addition to their family.

2. Real Life….Not So Zen

Anyone with small children, knows this familiar sight of clothes needing attention as photographed by Kate.

3. She Melts Me

Kylie takes the most spectacular photos of her children. Along with the photos in this post, she has some lovely words appreciation those triumphs that children make, which then make a mumma so happy.

4. 4am

Veronica has a witty recollection of the adventures of a mum and new babe doing the feeding/sleeping dance over night.

5. Before I Was A Parent

Trish reflects on how parenting might just be a little bit easier if it came with a manual!

Craft And Fun For The Kids

With us Victorians on school holidays, the next five posts will give you some ideas for creative and crafty fun to amuse the kids.

6. Body Tracing

Jean combines fun with learning about the body. (Using large sheets of paper tracing around your child’s body.)

7. Playball

Catherine lists simple ideas to amuse the children of all ages with a ball.

8. Finger Labyrinths

Amber shares a peaceful activity for the kids to do using labyrinths. While on her blog, also check out her link to mandalas – some gorgeous templates for colouring.

9. Pins and Needles

Likely has a creative way to use some basic items from around the home. Should help keep the kids entertained while you are trying to complete some of your own needlework.

10. Salad On A Stick

An edible idea! The kids can have fun making their own lunch/dinner on a stick.

Have fun in the holidays!