Monthly Menu Planning – Why It Works

When things are very busy I find it incredibly helpful to do bulk menu planning sessions. Sitting down for one session using my menu planning process I actually find that it saves me time as once you start planning you get into a rhythm and then once completed it allows me to do bulk shopping online.

Bulk shopping online has been effective for our family for two key reasons:

  1. It helps me keep to our family budget by reduced trips to the shops, where I often end up buying lots of items that I didn’t really need!
  2. It saves me time as I can do shopping online at night when the children are asleep. As I have been shopping online for some time now, I have built up a substantial list of items that we purchase regularly. I can scroll down the list quickly and add the items I need. It is amazing how quickly you can spend $300 or more.

Our Family Menu Plan for this week.

Baking: 100s of Biscuits

Monday: Chicken Korma

Tuesday: Meal from the freezer from our wonderful baby bundle.

Wednesday: Beef Stir Fry with Asian Greens

Thursday: Tomato and Basil Gnocchi

Friday: Pan Fried Fish With Salad

Saturday: Marinated Chicken Sticks With Salad

Sunday: Sausages And Steamed Vegetables

If you like the look of this family menu plan, then you use this Family Shopping List created by The Planning With Kids Free Menu Planner or you can select your meals yourself and print our your own shopping list from the Free Menu Planner.