Thank You

I find it hard to believe that my little baby is already four weeks old! I would like to thank everyone for their lovely comments and emails that I received upon the arrival of our gorgeous son.

In my offline world I have been so lucky to have had such a supportive and generous network of friends and an amazing school community.

This Tuesday the above was what I had dropped to my home by my eldest son’s classroom co-ordinator. It is what we call a baby bundle. Families contribute food to help families with new babies. On top of what is in the photo, I had another few meals dropped in later that day by mums who had also freshly made the meals for us.

It was touching to receive a gift that was so practical, delicious and so very generous. And this was not the first meals that had been dropped into our house. Only a couple of days out of hospital and a good friend dropped in a lovely meal for the freezer. A neighbour bought us the most delicious pie and our baby boy had been showered with the most beautiful gifts.

Another friend brought this basket of goodies below in the first fortnight.

And I have had amazing help from a dear neighbour who brought my children home from school in the first weeks and helped with getting Little Rascal to his cricket commitments, another great friend who helped Thinker get to his cricket commitments and I have had so many generous offers of help.

I am glad to be part of such a wonderful community that so willingly supports others. I will always remember the assistance and generosity that I have received and look forward to the time when I can do the same for others. Thank you all very much, your efforts have been truly appreciated by the whole family!

I haven’t been on line very much over the last four weeks and haven’t been as active with responding to comments on the blog, nor getting around to commenting on other blogs. Thanks to Google Reader, I have still been able to keep with my favourite blogs, even if I haven’t been able to comment. It will still a while before I increase my on line presence, so please forgive my absence as I spend time with our new little man.