Monthly Review January

Time to take a look at what I achieved in January and what I would like to accomplish in February:

Key Tasks for January

Given that we are a third of the way through this month already, I have actually completed a number of these already:

  1. Pack up Christmas decorations.


  2. Retrieve baby items from attic and wash up baby clothes.


  3. Ensure back to school preparations are completed by mid January.


  4. Menu plan for the next couple of months in advance.


  5. Have fun with the kids over the holidays, incorporating their choices of activities.

    Done. Posted about our activities on Summer By The Sea – Fishy Business and Fairy Fanfare

  6. Pre-write and schedule posts for late January and early February.

    Almost made it. I had January completed and but not February. I am now working to have one week’s of posts done ahead of time.

  7. See a movie before the baby is born.

    Done. Mr I and myself went to see the fantastic Slumdog Millioniare.

  8. Have and enjoy our new baby!
  9. Done. Our beautiful son was born on January 22. He is brining such joy to myself and the rest of the family.

Key Tasks for February

So that I can focus on the last point above – enjoying our new baby, key tasks for February will be kept to a minimum:

  1. Settle the children into Term 1 at school.
  2. Post three times a week on Planning With Kids, keeping one week in advance.
  3. Spend individual time with each child, as they adjust to the new family member.
  4. Gradually start exercising again.
  5. Send out thank you cards for the birth of our son.
    1. What is on your to do list for February?