Back To School Checklist

As the summer holidays creep towards their end, it is time to go through the check list to make sure that all is order for a smooth start for the back to school process. I utilised the post from a similar time last year and modified it for what we need to do this year!

(1). Uniforms.
Ensuring that everything is accounted for and in its right spot. I realise already that a hat didn’t make it home last year, so will need to be replaced. I was organised enough to give all the uniforms a good soak before washing and ironing them at the end of last year. It is amazing how much better they looked after the soak!

(2). Shoes.
I have already purchased three new sets of school shoes and three new pairs of runners. It was rather unfortunate for the budget that they all needed new ones at the same time, but at least I know that they all fit properly and are in great condition.

(3). Stationery and Accessories.
Although the majority of the items we purchase through the school ordering system, there were a few bits and pieces that needed to be purchased. My children are slightly obsessed with Smiggle products, so with the proviso that it is to last for more than one year, we went shopping for Smiggle pencil cases. It did make me laugh at how much they liked them. They have been telling every one about them.

(4). Lunch boxes and drink bottles.
Ours are definitely due for a very thorough scrub, as they have been all over the place these holidays.

(5). Evening and morning routines.
A week before school returns, I like to start reverting to our term routines as much as possible. My children like to have time to take things at their own pace in the morning. This means that so they can happily get up at a time to do this, they need to start going to bed earlier again too.

Labeling for stationary is something I like the school children to do themselves. I can have them with me in the study while I am on the laptop, and they can work away writing their names on their belongings or using the labeling machine where appropriate. As the clothes labels need to be ironed on, I usually do these ones myself.

(7). Scooter/bike/helmet/pram check.
We endeavour to walk/ride to school every day, so to avoid any last minute hiccups, I will get Mr I to check that all modes of transport and helmets are in working order before the first day of school.

(8). Paper work.
There is always a form lurking somewhere that needs to be completed, whether it be end of year reports, registration papers or consent forms. It is much easier to complete them now before the new batch arrives.

(9). Restock the pantry.
We tend to have different morning and afternoon tea snacks during the holidays, than what the children would necessarily take as snacks in their lunch boxes. I also tend to bake more during school terms, so I need to make sure I have all the essential ingredients on hand.

(10). Confirm after school activities.
We are changing a few things in Term 1 this year and I need to confirm the times we have been allocated for the new after school activities.

What are you doing as preparation for the “back to school” process?