Christmas Planning – Christmas Menu Plan

NB. I have posted some new menu plans for 2009, including a children’s menu plan which can be found here.

Image by sebrenner

Firstly thank you so much for the lovely comments and emails – I really appreciated them. We were lucky enough to have a friend from school lend us a car which can seat us all soon after the accident, which was a tremendous help. We pick up a hire car which we will take to Mildura. They say our car won’t be ready until 16th January, but in the scheme of things all has worked out okay!

Less than a week until Christmas now! We are having a Christmas lunch on Monday at our house with MR I’s family before we go to Mildura. I won’t be posting that menu plan but the Christmas Menu Plan that my sisters and I put together for the lunch in Mildura.

Oysters with Lemon and Crispy Capers
Sun Dried Tomato and Fetta Tarts

Roast Chicken
Roast Duck
Roast Beef
Leg of Ham
Easy Potato Au Gratin
Easy Pumpkin Au Gratin (same recipe as above, but it takes about 30 minutes less to cook).
Honey Carrots
Steamed Greens

Traditinonal Christmas Pudding
White Chocolate Cheesecake
Honeycomb Icecream Cake

With Coffee:
Almond Bread
Christmas Reindeer Biscuits

While looking for ideas, I came across some fantastic websites with Christmas Menu Plans and associated work plans to help keep you organised. Here are some of my favourites:

Donna Hay – Celebration Menu Plans
Not only does this site have a step-by-step menu planner for the Christmas menu, but also great tips and style ideas.

Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Menus
This site has a printable menu that you can display on the table for your guests. It also has a Credit Crunch Christmas Menu this year as well.

Taste Christmas Menu Plans
This has the most comprehensive selection of Christmas Menu Plans that I have ever seen. They have over 30 different types to choose from and then of course you can just mix and match ideas (which is what I have done). Plans range from the Last Minute Christmas Lunch to the Formal Invitation, with everything covered in between.

Each Christmas Menu Plan has an individual time plan and even makes suggestions on what drinks would go with the food you are preparing.

How do you plan for your Christmas lunch?