Feeling Lucky

There is not the usual 10 things post today. Yesterday, whilst driving the family Tarago I had someone do you a u-turn right in front of me. I applied hard on the brakes but just could not stop in time.

Luckily and thankfully, myself, our unborn child, the two children I had in the car and the driver of the other car were all perfectly okay.

Our car though is not okay and had to be towed away. We are now trying to organise a replacement vehicle to get us to Mildura for Christmas. Did you know that this is the peak time for hiring Taragos??

Anyway, although feeling completely fine and the baby is still moving beautifully in utero, the whole thing gave me quite a shock. I am going to take a few days away from the computer, to relax, appreciate how lucky we were and get some more rest.

I will be back on the week end. Hope you are all enjoying the festive season and are keeping safe.