Christmas Planning – Collecting Toys For Giving

Image by sfllaw

Only 3 weeks to go now! This week’s step in the Christmas Preparation Plan is an easy task. I have found that in the lead up to Christmas, the children really do enter into the spirit of giving and are very co-operative when it comes to rationalising their toys and donating some to charity.

We have one large games/toy cupboard in the older boys room and take everything out and then sort into the standard piles:

  • To Keep
  • To Give To Charity
  • To Throw Away (Anything broken or with missing pieces that can no longer be used)
  • We aim to have consensus on what we do with each item. Sometimes the older two children forget that although the game is “babyish” for them, they have 2 (and another one to come) siblings for whom it would be age appropriate.

    At the boy’s school this week they have also started their “non perishables” drive. There is a challenge amongst the classes to see who can collect the most cans of food or other non perishable food to go to the Vinnie’s Christmas Appeal. It is amazing how into this challenge that the children get, I have to make sure they aren’t raiding the cupboards when I am not looking!

    It is however a great time to point out to the children how lucky we are. We have a great home, a good car, plenty of food, clothing, toys and lots of love. There are others around us who have very little in comparison and we need to play a part in looking after those who are less fortunate than our selves.