10 Top Posts For November

Firstly apologies if you have had trouble accessing my site. It has not been functioning properly for over 24 hours. My host company’s response has been less than satisfactory.

There is always so much great stuff to read in the blogoshpere. I haven’t been able to spend as much time commenting on other people’s blogs as I would have liked over the last six weeks, but I have still been reading.

Here are some of my favourites from November:

(1). Creative Activity for Families: Scavenger Hunts
A gorgeous and creative idea for the whole family to participate in!

(2). Proof There Really is Nothing Good on Kids’ TV
Discussion on a recent study that found only 13 percent of the programming labeled by the networks as “educational” was found to have real educational value.

(3). Stop Taking The Small Things for Granted
A personal reflection on how important it is to be aware of how much we really do have.

(4). It’s Not Savings Unless You Save It
A clever reminder on what it really means to save, in a time of many sales.

(5). Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah…
From someone who loves a chat and can go on a bit, a succinct post on how you can improve you communication by taking out all the “blahs”.

(6). Too Many Toys
Written by Prof Elkind (author of the fabulous The Hurried Child) this is a great post on how many toys today do not encourage imagination or creativity from children, but are simply of the “watch me” variety which are merely entertaining.

(7). Mommy Blogging: It’s not Just Unicorns and Roses
Why there’s nothing wrong with being a “mommy blogger”!

(8). Construct your own ‘Top 10 Must Follow’ List as it relates to your own Niche
A great resource (that you can add to if you want) to find people to follow on Twitter – if you are that way inclined!

(9). Be Heard. Speak Plainly.
Concise post on why “If it’s important at all, it deserves to be expressed clearly and plainly, so that anyone can understand it.”

(10). Cartoon: Partial Text RSS Feeds
A funny post on the frustrations that Partial Text RSS feeds cause some readers.

What did you enjoy in November?