Christmas Planning – Decorations Part 1

Four weeks to Christmas! My goal this year was to have completed all my shopping before Dec 1. My lovely older sister is looking after my children for me tomorrow for a few hours and I should be able to buy the remaining 7 presents that I need to get. This will make me the most organised I have ever been before Christmas.

This week’s activity as part of the Christmas Preparation Plan is Christmas Decorations. We don’t actually put up our tree or any decorations until 1st Dec, so this week is all about me getting everything organised. In reality this means fossicking through the attic to find them!

Christmas Table Centre Piece

I made the table centre piece (in photo above) a couple of years ago, when I was hosting Christmas for my extended family. I cannot take credit for the original idea. It was something that I copied from the clever craft group at my children’s school.

It was very easy to make and looks so effective as a table centre piece. As we had more than one table on the day, I had this large centre piece and a couple of smaller ones for the smaller tables.

I simply found in the garden some old branches that were about a metre in length. I then waited for them to dry out thoroughly (a number of days). Once dry, I laid them on newspaper outside on the grass and sprayed them with metallic silver paint and let them dry.

I then arranged them in a large vase and added the appropriate colour themed Christmas baubles.

Solar Powered Fairy Lights

Image by Storeyland

This will be the first year that we have put fairy lights up around our house for Christmas. The reason it is the first year, is because I have personally found it difficult to rationalise the use of electricity, with the on flowing carbon emissions for such a purpose.

However this year we have purchased Solar Powered Fairy Lights! We bought them a couple of weeks ago on sale at ALDI. You probably can’t find them there now, but you can try:

The Environment Shop – online shopping. Scroll towards the end of the page to see their range.

Dick Smith Electronics – in store currently.

I will post later this week with some home made decorations that the children and I are working on. When do you start putting up all your Christmas decorations?