Christmas Planning – Christmas Present List and Shopping

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Five weeks until Christmas!! I am actually getting quite excited about it too. We will be spending Christmas in the country with my family and all my 3 sisters will be there with their families as well this year. We haven’t had that happen in a few years, so it will be something special.

This week’s activity as part of the Christmas Preparation Plan is Christmas Present List and Shopping. As seen previously in the Christmas Planning Spreadsheet 2008, each year I keep a list of presents that I buy. I find this helpful for two reason, firstly it helps me keep track of what I buy throughout the year, so I don’t buy more than one present for each person. Secondly, it makes sure that I give a variety of gifts to people over the years, not by accident the same present in consecutive years!!!

Although the attached spreadsheet looks like I have not completed any Christmas Shopping, I have actually cleared all my inputs for this year’s Christmas Present List because many of my family and friends read this blog (even if only occasionally!) and I do not want to spoil the surprise for them.

I have completed approximately 80% of my Christmas shopping and am quite proud to say that almost everything I have bought so far has been on sale. I do love a bargain.

Below I have listed what I think are some great sources of gifts if you still have a bit of shopping to do:

ickle kids – If you are traveling over the Christmas period definitely check out the activity packs and travel toys that they have. One of the things I bought last year from here was the Hide and Seek Pirate Game and it was a hit. This year I have purchased the Hide and Seek Safari Game – it is slightly harder than the pirate version, so should keep them very quite in the car.

Mum’s Grapevine – is a new service that I have signed up to and you might like to as well. It is a weekly newsletter letting you know where the sales are for maternity, baby and children’s clothing, toys, accessories, nursery items and more (Australian).

Chadstone VIP Shopping Day – This is only relevant to those of you who will be in Melbourne on Wed 26th Nov. I usually prefer to buy from smaller retail outlets, but I have been to this shopping event for the last couple of years and have found it great to grab some bargains for stocking fillers and for those more hard to buy for family and friends. They have huge discounts at almost all stores through out the day from 9am until midnight.

Me2Me2 – They have gorgeous kits for children like builders, hairdressers and cooks kits. Items in the kits are sourced from genuine adult products and downsized for children.

Missy Confidential – Another newsletter that I subscribe to (Australian only again sorry!) which comes daily and lets you know about fashion sales and designer bargains.

And of course there is always Handmade Christmas Presents as well. Now I just need to start wrapping them!