Christmas Planning – Children’s Handmade Christmas Cards

Seven weeks to Christmas now! This week I have stuck to my Christmas Preparation Plan and have been working on Handmade Christmas Cards for the Children and myself. This post will show the results of the children’s work and mine will come later this week.

It is tradition at the children’s preschool and school to give out Christmas Cards to their class members and teacher at the end of the year. (The teacher also gets a gift, but more on that in another post!)

For the last couple of years I have encouraged the children to come up with their own design and make their own cards. The children now expect that they will make their own cards which is very sweet, as they put time into thinking about their design.

This year each child drew a design using the Paint application on their PC. Mac users like myself can download Tux Paint to use instead.

These programs are easy for children to use and allow them to use different colours, textures, widths and add text if they wish to their pictures. The designs below were what they came up with:

Thinker (Almost 10 y.o)

Little Rascal (7.5 y.o)

Possum (Almost 5 y.o)

Once they have created their design, I alter the size of the picture using Picnik (free image editing software), so that I can print out four cards per A4 piece of cardboard. The dimensions of the picture for the card are 275 x 171, so they are a small card.

I have also included the Children’s Christmas Card Template so that you can just slot your kids designs in if you wish. Happy card making! 🙂