10 Top Posts For October

This month’s collection of some of my favourite posts will start with a topic that I usually don’t talk about on the blog – politics. With the US Election almost here, I wanted to highlight some posts that I found interesting on this subject. Personally I am hoping for an Obama victory, we will know very soon either way.

(1). Obama Mamas Get Involved: A Call To Action Part 2
A post on the importance of being involved regardless of the size of the involvement, in your country’s democratic process.

(2). 9 Reasons a John McCain Presidency Would be a Disaster for the Environment
From Earth First, some sobering reasons on why the outcome of this American election will affect more than just Americans – the Global Environment.

(3). A Letter to My Two Year-Old Daughter
A mum’s letter to her daughter explaining why she wasn’t going to be around as much as during October, while she volunteered on the Obama campaign.

(4). Barack & Me
A personal account on why this election has meant (and will mean) so much to this blogger.

(5). Twitter Vote Report Will Track Election Day Shadiness (and Long Lines)
How Twitter will be used to track events on US Election Day.

The next five posts are all on current social issues in our society. They come from both Australian and International Bloggers and all of them made me think:

(6). Attitudes and Behaviours.
With all the doom and gloom around due to the financial crisis, a timely reminder about the influence our (parents) attitude and behaviour can have on our children.

(7). Raise Your Hopeful Voice: Why We Are Responsible For Third World Poverty, and How to Change It
Leo uses his incredibly popular blog to raise a hopeful voice “in defense of the voiceless, the powerless, the hungry and the dying.”

(8). Congo continues to be the 21st Century’s Secret Holocaust
It is a tragedy that such devastation of a race of people is allowed to occur.

(9). A Nation of Wimps
The dangers that can occur when parents “over parent” their children.

(10). The Belief and Faith Equation For School Change
This post reflects on how it is necessary to have belief and faith from all involved (teachers, administrators, students, parents) to create improvement and change in a school.

Read and enjoy!