Monthly Review September

September was a pretty good month in terms of achieving my goals, with the exception of course my perennial goal which I am still struggling with.


Not being too busy.
Unfortunately quite a poor performance by me. I have finally realised that I have too much on my to do list. See goals for October.

Short term plan.
Completed with my 10 Things To Do Before Christmas Post.

Renovate the blog
Started. I still have some functions and resources that I want to add.

Get outside more!
We have made the most of the opportunities that the weather has provided us. During the holidays we spent a lot of time outside and it really made a difference to every one’s demeanor.


Reset time lines and priorities
A flaw in my character is that I often set very challenging goals for myself and drive myself quite hard to meet them. I have really set myself a bit too much to do before the baby comes. So I need to take time out to priortise what is most important to me and set in place manageable time lines. If I achive this goal, I should also reduce my busyness.

Create my Christmas preparation plan
With only 11 weeks to Christmas, I need to ramp up my Christmas planning so I can achieve all my goals in this area.

Resources page for the blog
I have quite a lot of information on the blog, but need to improve how new reader to the site can access it.

Time away for Mr Infrastructure and myself
Both Mr I and myself have been very busy and it would be great for us to have a mini break before Christmas.

What’s on your list of key things to do for October?