School Holiday Activities – Animation At ACMI

This was the second of our two major outings during the second week of school holidays. For this school holiday activity we went to ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) at Federations Square in Melbourne. We had planned to see a free children’s film “Wind in the Willows” and make our own animation at the free workshop provided.

We have attended these workshops a couple of times before and have learnt from experience that at the end of the movie, we head down to Birrarung Marr to have lunch and a run around. This allows the children to release some energy, take in some sustenance and avoids waiting in queue for the animation workshop,which tends to build straight after the movie.

For this workshop the theme was characters from the computer game Spore. The younger children didn’t really embrace the theme (which was fine) and Babagabouski wanted to stick with one of his current obsessions and make a dinosaur. Possum just wanted to make a dog and had a member of the ACMI team help her create this.

As we had already attended these animation workshops before (twice previously already this year!), I thought the children would like to try a new school holiday activity. I allowed them to go through the list of school holiday activities in Melbourne and agree as a group which other activity they wanted to go to. It was unanimous that the animation was where they wanted to go. I think they love seeing their creations played back and love it even more when I post them on the blog. So here are the latest animation creations from my children:

This one was created by Little Rascal and Babagansouski.

The second animation was the work of Possum, Thinker and their cousin.

On Tuesday, the children return to school and they ensuing after school activities. I have really enjoyed the school holidays and could actually do with one more week I think! What have you been up to these school holidays?