Christmas Planning – Christmas Present Tags

Each year I like to make my own tags for Christmas presents. I pick a theme based on colour or pattern and match up wrapping paper and tags. I have contemplated making my own paper (by decorating plain paper) but generally run out of time, so haven’t actually done this.

This year I have decided to go with gold and silver for my theme and have just made a start on my Christmas Present Tags. I decided on the theme based on the materials I already had in the house, so they have not made any new expenditure that I have to add to the Christmas Budget which is great.

In the above photo, you will see a variety of types of Christmas present tags that I made from plain white cardboard. For the first time, I have sewn some small baubles on to the card for something different and think they look quite effective.

I used a standard needle and thread to attach the bauble to the card. To ensure the bauble stays in place, I made another sticth very close to the original and place the needle to the inside of the card.

I had made faint pencil marks on the inside of the card so that I knew where to place the stitch and repeated these steps until I had completed my design.

To finish off the Christmas Present Tags, I use a hole punch to place a hole in the top left hand corner and thread some ribbon through the hole. The ribbon can then be used to easily attach the tag to the Christmas Present.