10 Things To Do Before Christmas

Blue decoration (blurred star) by tanakawho.

Image by tanakawho

As I mentioned in my last monthly review in order to achieve everything I want to before Christmas, I needed to create a short term plan.

Below is the top 10 things that I want to achieve before Christmas. There is actually a secondary list with things like taking the family raspberry picking, jam making, reorganising the children’s artwork, cleaning the venetian blinds and so on.

I made the decision to limit myself to 10 key tasks because I think any more and I will never achieve my goal of getting to bed by 10.30pm. I prioritised the tasks based on their necessity (and my desire to do them!), so in a rough order this what I hope to complete in the next few months.

(1). Wardrobe Reshuffles
That is out with the winter clothes (most of them) and any clothes too small and in with any of the clothes from last year’s summer that still fit.

(2). Clothing Purchases
Thinker will definitely need new clothes for the warmer weather. I have bought some clothes at sales earlier this year for Possum, so I think she will be okay. I will go through the clothes in storage to see if there are any gaps in summer wear for Babaganouski and Little Rascal.

(3). Toy Reshuffle
I rotate the children’s toys that we have on display every few months and it is time that this was done again. It will be helpful also to have a clean up and donate session before the new birthday/Christmas presents are upon us.

(4). Children’s Bed Reorganisation
Babaganouski is way overdue for moving out of his cot and into a bed. With the baby coming along we will need to assess how we will set up the rooms and what extra requirements we have.

(5). Christmas Cards
I like to make my own Christmas Cards using a photo of the children as the main artwork. My aim is to have these made by early November this year, as opposed to mid December which has been the case for the last couple of years.

(6). Plan Thinker’s Birthday Celebration
The children only have a “party” every second year and it is a non party year for the Thinker. (For more info on how we decided to celebrate birthdays check out my post on Birthday Party Strategy.) He is still allowed a small celebration with two friends, so he will need to start thinking about how he would like to do this, so I will know how to cater for it.

(7). Plan Possum’s Birthday Party
Possum will have a birthday party this year and as it is so close to Christmas, we need to make sure we organise it well in advance so at least some of her friends will be able to make it during this busy time.

(8). Finalise Christmas Presents
I have been making some hand made gifts and have also purchased a few gifts already for Christmas Presents. My goal is to have my Christmas Shopping completed by the end of November.

(9). Baby Preparation
All the baby clothes, blankets and accessories are in storage in the attic. I will need to collate all the required items and wash up the clothes and blankets, ready for our lovely arrival.

(10). Plan My Contribution To Christmas Day
Christmas this year will be spent with my family in Mildura and for the first time in five years, everyone will be together and which I am really excited about. I want to make sure that I contribute to the day to help make it a special and memorable Christmas for everyone.

Change of seasons is a great time to take stock and establish a plan for the new season. What are you going to be up to?