30 Day Challenge Update – Tired!

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This week has been very tiring. I was lucky enough to have the beautiful family of a close friend come and stay with us and also have some friends drop in that I hadn’t seen in months.

However the 30 Day Challenge keeps going and so I had quite a few late nights, catching up and trying to post to my new blog. The project I have selected for the 30 Day Challenge is in the micro niche of setting up an email address, more specifically Gmail addresses as a way to get connected with Web 2.0. You can check out my site Set Up Email Address for more info.

I somehow managed to stay up to date and I am very happy with that effort.  The main reason I kept up with the challenge was because my gorgeous older sister took my two young ones overnight Thursday and then gave them a wonderful excursion to the Aquarium on Friday. Thanks so much!!!!!!!! It gave me some extra hours to focus solidly on my project.

We are in the home stretch now and I really looking forward to seeing what I am going to learn next.  Even though it has tired me out, I have learnt so much from the challenge that I will be able to apply not only now on my new project, but also in to the future, for ideas that I have had swimming around in my head for a while. 

I am truly grateful to Ed Dale and his team for the program they have put together, which is totally free.  It is disappointing that some people have sabotaged efforts by the 30 DC team to teach us through a live and real time example.   Ed had been using a blog himself to test his niche on Vintage Electric Guitars and would show us each new step by implementing it on the newly created Vintage Electric Guitar Blog

Unfortunately some people have joined the challenge to cause trouble and have spammed other blogs in Ed’s name, left comments on important sites that says the Vintage Electric Guitar Blog is by spammers and linked Ed’s blog to all sorts of seedy sites that Google doesn’t like.  The end result of this is that for some of the last training sessions, the 30 DC team have been unable to show us live examples, but have had to use old stuff.

I really hope that these people desist from their sabotage.  It is always a shame when a tiny minority ruin it for the rest of the group.  

Only 8 days left now!

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