10 Favourite Children’s Books – Preschooler’s Choice

Fairytales and Day 216 by Manchester Library.

Image by Manchester Library

During the month of August I have been making my way through my children’s favourite books, in celebration of Children’s Book Week (officially this week in Australia). So far we have had:

10 Favourite Children’s Books – Thinker’s Choice (9.5 y.o)
10 Favourite Children’s Books – Little Rascal’s Choice (7 y.o)

Today we have Possum’s choice who is five years old and at the moment the only girl in the children mix. (Possum said again today that it would be great if the new baby was a girl!)

I had to prompt her a little with why she chose these books, her answers were pretty succinct, so I have added a small note myself as well.

(1). Hunwick’s Egg by Mem Fox
Possum: The egg is a very beautiful colour.
Mum: A very sweet story about having a special friend.

(2). Belinda by Pamela Allen
Possum: The man looks funny in a dress.
Mum: A quirky tale with funny illustrations.

(3). Annie’s Chair by Deborah Niland
Possum: I like how the dog tries to cheer Annie up.
Mum: Shows how compromise can work!

(4). Rascal’s Trick by Paul Jennings
Possum: I like how Rascal’s trick scares the cat.
Mum: The Rascal Series are a fantastic introduction to reading for small children.

(5). Magic Beach by Alison Lester
Possum: I like the rhyming.
Mum: Beautiful examples of how you can use your imagination to have fun.

(6). Friends by Kim Lewis
Possum: It would be fun to collect eggs.
Mum: The story captures the volatility of friendships of young children.

(7). Where Is the Green Sheep? (Horn Book Fanfare List (Awards)) by Mem Fox
Possum: I like it because I can read it.
Mum: When Possum says she can read it, she means the she has read it with me so many times and with the help of the beautiful illustrations she can say all the text by herself!

(8). Snap went Chester by Tania Cox and David Miller
Possum: It is fun to read.
Mum: Children can anticpate what to say on the next page.

(9). Possum Magic by Mem Fox
Possum: I like how they travel around Australia.
Mum: A beautiful story that is a great way to introduce some Australian geography.

(10). Olivia by Ian Falconer
Possum: Olivia is funny.
Mum: You have to love a pig with attitude and style!

Next week we will have Babaganouski’s favourite books (2 y.o), as determined by the rotation in the night time reading schedule!