30 Day Challenge – Half Way

Image: 30 Day Challenge

BEWARE: This post has some Internet Marketing jargon in it. I try to avoid it where possible, but some had to be included to explain my week this week.

It was a roller coaster week for me this week on the challenge. As my lovely older sister looked after my children for me on Monday, I was able to listen to the live extended Q&A session hosted by Ed Dale and GuruBob.

While watching them go through some analysis, I started to think that the micro niche that I have chosen for my project may be a little too competitive. So I then spent a day or so, trying to refine key words and generally procrastinating.

After not getting too far with this, I saw hope through analysis of the statistics coming from my new site, so I decided to put in some heavy hours catch up and stick the course.

My aim for going into the 30 Day Challenge was to learn about how to set up a niche business on line and we can always learn through failure, so regardless if this site earns $1 before the end of August, I feel that it has personally been a success for me as I have learnt so much just in the first 15 days. I also have ideas on how I can apply what I have learnt on new projects once I have finished the challenge.

Team Lightening (my 30 Day Challenge Team) has been a great support network to me. We have a private forum where we can discuss issues, success, worries and tech problems. As a sign of gratitude to my team, I have listed my favourite posts from their new projects and would love it if you could check them out and support them too!

Set Up Email Address (mine! 🙂 ) – Simple Video Explanation Of How To RSS Feeds
If you have always wondered what those little orange buttons on websites, blogs etc were, this is a video which will explain it in plain english and do so under 4 minutes!

Herb Garden – Start Your Herb Garden With Parsley
For someone who has a brown thumb, this inspired me to start growing some herbs so I can use them in my cooking.

The Fall Wedding Flowers Blog – Celebs Fall Weddings
Now I am obviously not getting married next fall, but who can resist seeing what the celebs are up to!

Dora DVDs Blog – Dora DVDs
We all know someone who loves this little girl and I love this post because it lists the Dora DVDs from newest to oldest. Great if you want to buy for a fan who already has some.

The Personal Finance Babe – Earning Extra Income In Australia
Simple and achievable ideas on how you can make money on line.

Baby Cross Stitch – Baby Cross Stitch For Baby Showers
A gorgeous idea on how to make a very personal gift for a new born.

Dark Side Of The Lens – What Is This Thing Called RGB?
Another video! This one explains in simple terms what RGB is when looking at your photos.

Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera – Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera
If you are looking for a new camera, check out this review.

Dippitiy DVDivas – Strawberry Shortcake – Rockaberry Roll DVD Released Today!
If your like me and have no idea what is out there in terms of kids DVDs, this is an excellent resource. I can’t believe Strawberry Shortcake is still going strong!

Enjoy the read and if you like it don’t forget to Stumble or Digg these post 🙂 .

Now that I have made it half way, the question is, can I keep up for the second half? Wish me luck!