10 Favourite Children’s Books – 7 Year Old’s Choice

During August we celebrate Children’s Book Week here in Australia. As I noted last week, each Tuesday in August I will be posting lists of favourite children’s books, as selected by my children.

Last week Thinker gave us his 10 Favourite Children’s Books and today’s selection is by Little Rascal. He is 7 years old, in grade one and is just moving into independent reading.

Little Rascal has chosen a combination of books that I have read to him and those that he can read to himself. In no particular order his favourite 10 books at the moment are and a short comment as to why he likes them:

1. BOYZ RULE Park Soccer by Felice Arena and Phil Kettle
I like it because it is about boys playing soccer like I like to play.

And to think that I saw it on mulberry street – Dr Suess
The rhyming and the crazy story make it fun to read.

Mr McGee and the Biting Flea by Pamela Allen
You get to make funny sounds when you read the book.

4. M Is for Metal the Loudest Alphabet Book on Earth by Paul McNeil and Barry Divola
It is funny and the pictures are really cool.

5. Mighty Bunyips, The by Paul Harvey
It is a great football match and it is very Australian.

6. by William Katzwinkle and Glenn Murray
I like how Walter’s stinky farts can save the day.

7. Are We There Yet?: A Journey Around Australia by Alison Lester
You get to find out about places all over Australia.

TinTin In America by Herge
I like the way TinTin always manages to outsmart the bad guys.

Matilda by Roald Dahl
Children can teach adults things if they listen.

10. by J.K. Rowling
The triwizard tournament is exciting and scary.

Thanks for your time Little Rascal!