30 Day Challenge Update – One Week Down!

Well I am officially on to day nine for the 30 Day Challenge (runs on US Eastern time) and I am actually pretty amazed that I have managed to keep up. It has required a lot of hours, which has meant a lot of late nights! I haven’t really minded this though as I am thoroughly enjoying what I am learning. And I am learning loads.

The 30 Day Challenge is an online internet marketing course which has the ambitious aim of starting August with an idea and turning it into an online business which has earnt $1 by the end of August.

Ed Dale is the face of the 30 Day Challenge and he is a fellow Melbournian. Other charactes are Guru Bob (amazing knowledge) and Dan Raine. So what have I learnt this week? In summary:

Internet Marketing is a “symphony of four parts”.
(1). Market Research
(2). Traffic
(3). Conversion
(4). Product

The first week of the challenge was primarly on Market Research and we have now moved on to traffic.

Some things and people that have helped me keep up this week have been:

    Menu planning for the month of August. When it comes to meals and shopping, I am on auto pilot and it is great to have one less thing to think of.
    – Sound processes. The kids know our drill and on days when I have been very busy I have enlisted their help. The older ones have been very good at completing small tasks to help me out.
    – My older sister. Sam is going to have the two smallest children each Monday from tomorrow, through out August. I am generally not great at asking for help, but to keep all the balls in the air I just needed some more child free time. Thanks so much Sam!
    – My friends. Lou took beautifully Babaganouski for a play for a couple of hours on Friday when I had hid a brick wall with some technology. I also needed to bake tarts for the preparation evening that night for my eldest son’s first eucharist, so I had very limited time on Friday to work on the challenge, so I really appreciated your help Lou!
    – Mr Infrastructure. He went to the shops for me on Thursday night (to get the ingredients for above mentioned tarts), made sure I had petrol in the car and gave me a sleep in on Saturday morning. Thanks!

Well I don’t think the pace will slow down at all this week, so I apologise if I have not responded to your comment as of yet. I aim to get there by the end of today. 🙂