Christmas Planning Checklist

I do so love a check list. I have just put together a checklist for Christmas Planning. Naturally I have gone to my preferred application of Excel. I have also included into this spreadsheet, the next level down planning sheets, like the budget, Christmas Present Ideas and will add more over the next couple of weeks as I do further planning.

At the moment the Christmas Planning Check List consists of the following items:

    – make homemade gifts
    – update Christmas card list
    – make Christmas cards
    – Christmas budget
    – Christmas present list
    – Collate date of key December events

    – Christmas Day plan

I have attached the spreadsheet here: 2008 Christmas Planning

These are all top level planning activities, some of which I can do now in advance and others that I will not get to until November, but I find it helpful to have them listed and always feel such satisfaction when I can cross them off.

This year pre-planning for Christmas is even more important than usual as I will be heavily pregnant by the time December arrives. Thankfully I tend to stay well and healthy through out pregnancy, but it is still tiring and if it is going to be a very hot summer, I will prefer not to have to do so much running around and work in the heat.

Are you organising/planning anything in advance for Christmas this year? I am sure that there are important items missing from my checklist, so I would love to hear what you are up to.

Photo: krisdecurtis