Getting Out And About

I had the opportunity to get out of the house a couple of nights this week and see some interesting stuff. I love having the chance to see new things and I do make an effort to book Mr Infrastructure and myself to attend some things, to make sure that we have some time on our own together.

It is very easy with four children for our world to become completely child centric. I love my children dearly, but I think for me to be at my best I also need the reinvigoration from adult company and mature events!

Mr I and myself also support each other in having some separate interests as well. This also relieves the need for baby sitters all the time if we were to attend everything together. My mother in law and my sisters are very generous with their time, but I am conscious that it a lot to ask people to look after four children.

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So what did I do? On Wednesday night my partner in craft and I decided that we were a bit too tired for crafting, but still wanted to hang out together, so we went to Art After Dark at the National gallery of Victoria.

The Art Deco Exhibition is the major showpiece at the moment. Going to the After Dark session means that there is very different vibe, than during the day – music, wine and dancing! Due to timing with kids etc we missed the Roaring 20s Flappers dance The Charleston, but after checking out the exhibition itself we did catch the end of Frankie Wants Out (Prohibition era Swing).

We then had a drink at Curve Bar and then strolled through the Seamless Exhibition at the Arts Centre. I spoke a little about this yesterday, when I was posting about Dance.

Last night Mr I went off to a black tie ball for his football club. He might talk about this next week!

On Friday night I went with Mr I to the opening night of the International Melbourne Film Festival. The film was Not Quite Hollywood. If you are going to check out this trailer, be sure to do so with no little people around, as it is a little bit rude!)

It is a documentary about Australian genre cinema of the ’70s and early ’80s. And as the promotional material says, an era “unashamedly packed full of pubes, boobs, tubes and kung fu.” The fun thing about going to the opening night, was it allowed for a little star spotting in the theater before the doors opened. Mr I and me are not really up with the latest films, so probably missed any new young stars, but we recognised some stalwarts of the Australian film industry.

How has your week end been? Have you manged to get out and see something new?