Children’s Timetable Term 3, 2008

New term and new timetable. There were just a few minor changes that I needed to make to the Children’s Timetable from Term 2.

I have been creating these timetables for a couple of years now and find them to be very helpful in assisting the children to organise themselves and their belongings for the school day.

I photocopy the document onto A3 sized paper and place it on the wall where it is easy for all children to see.

As with the last timetable, the font I have used in the table, is called Victorian Modern Cursive. This is the style of handwriting taught in primary schools through out Victoria. This may not show up on correctly your computer, but you can download it freely from the Victorian Govt Education website. I like to use this font for the preschoolers and younger school age children, as it helps them become familiar with the way the will need to write the alphabet.

2008 Term 3 Children’s Timetable.