Monthly Review – June


Not being too busy.
June although not perfect has been my best month so far, for getting to bed before 11pm. I actually wrote myself a work plan at the start of the month in consultation with Mr Infrastructure.

Across the week I allocated work hours for the blog and time for my gym sessions and then made a commitment to myself and Mr Infrastructure that (within reason 🙂 ) I would stick to this plan.

The work plan saw a dramatic reduction in the hours that I would spend on the computer/blog and as such I needed to realign my goals for the blog, so that they would be achievable within the allocated time.

Mid year catch ups.
This is well underway, but there is still a couple of dear friends that I have not seen for a while, so will be doing more of the same in July.

Re-do the family budget.
Almost finished. A few last minute items, (like purchase of my new beautiful MacBook) has required the budget to be readjusted slightly.

Change over toys.
Successfully completed.

Gather donations.
Successfully completed.

Not being too busy.
I have to put on this every month to keep myself honest. I will revise the work plan slightly this month to accommodate the key task for the month.

Calm and rested start to term 3.
With a very tired end to term 2, I will make sure that we are back into a calm routine and that the children are well rested in the lead up to the start of school. The last week end I will keep quite clear and we also have the Monday off as well, so will keep that as a rest day before plunging back into term 3.

Christmas Planning in July
There is a growing tradition in Australia to have a “Christmas in July” celebration to experience what Christmas is like in the Northern Hemisphere. So I have taken inspiration from this and am going to do Christmas Planning in July.

In the Australia the lead up to Christmas is also the lead up to the end of the school year and is a very busy time. We also have two birthdays in the month before Christmas and there is always my desire to catch up with good family and friends before Christmas arrives.

The combination of these events generally means that I am completely occupied for the month of December and end up feeling stressed out about achieving all the tasks that I set for myself.

Mr Infrastructure would interject here and say that is actually the problem in itself and that I should not try and do so much. But I do like to make my own cards, I do like to make gifts for the children’s teacher’s and I do like to have the children’s parties at home etc.

This year I hope by some comprehensive planning and some preparation in July, I will avoid the crazy end of year rush that I usually put myself through.

This task is quite big in itself, so I am only setting myself these 3 key goals for July, in the hope that I will achieve all successfully.

What’s on your list of key thing to do for July?