Menu Plan Monday – School Holidays Week 1

School holidays finally start this Monday which I have been looking forward to.  School holidays tends to make planning the weekly menu easier if anything, as I don’t have the after school activities to work around.

However I do need  to alter my shopping in general because when the kids are home they seem to consume so much more food!  We also tend to  have a lot more visitors, so I thought that it would be the perfect time to test run a Biscuit Recipe that Kate posted at Picklebums back in May, apparently the recipe makes 120 biscuits. 

Here is the rest of the weekly family menu plan:    

Monday – Pumpkin Soup
BakingSimple Savings Biscuits from Picklebums
Tuesday – Chicken Korma
Wednesday – Baked Penne
Thursday – Chicken Cacciatore
Friday – Left Overs
Saturday – Tacos
SundayBeef Stroganoff

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NB.  I am posting this a bit earlier as I am testing out some new features in Flock which is the new internet browser that I am using.  I have started preseason for the 30 Day Challenge, that is going to get me using all sorts of new things.  I have started twittering.  You can follow me under my user name planningqueen if you are into that sort of thing!   

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