10 Reasons To Look Forward To School Holidays

I genuinely look forward to school holidays. I think with this long term, I have been counting down the days as much as the children have been!

Sometimes it can get a little hectic with all four home, but by balancing school holiday activities with quiet time and a positive attitude from mum, I generally end school holidays feeling refreshed and having enjoyed myself.

I have listed the reasons why I am looking forward to school holidays and from reading it just now, I am even keener for the end of this week to arrive:

    (1). We can all run to a more relaxed time frame.
    (2). I have the chance to spend more time with the school children.
    (3). All siblings can play with each other for greater periods of time.
    (4). We can catch up with friends who are at different schools or in much further suburbs away from us.
    (5). There is less running around for all us (especially mum!).
    (6). It is easier to break routine and do some special activities, for example friends over for dinner and for longer plays during the week.
    (7). Fun activities. There are always so many fun (many of which are free) activities to do during the holidays. You can find a list for some in Melbourne in my post about Preplanning for the school holidays.
    (8). More rest for the children. Some of my children are a bit tired and emotional! Balancing the fun activities with days at home pottering will help them re-energise themselves.
    (9). Spend time exploring new interests the children may have. With reading, homework and the standard sporting activities, there is always time left over to devote time to being involved in new interests the children may have during the term. The school holidays is a great time to show the children you are interested in what they like.
    (10). A chance to reflect and celebrate a term’s hard work!

How about you do you love or loathe school holidays?