10 Online Learning Game For Junior Primary School

My second son is in grade 1 and these are a collection of on line games that he likes to play (and that I also approve of!). If you are looking for games for younger children I have also collated a list of 10 online learning games for preschoolers.

(1). Rainforest Maths
This site actually caters for all levels from kindergarden to Year 7. They then break down the types of games into the curriculum areas of maths: number, patterns, measurement and space.

(2). Mathletics
This is the only game in this list which is not free, but I have included because I have never seem and educational based game create the level of enthusiasm that this one does. We now pay an additional levy at the children’s school which is for their 12 month subscriptions. As the whole school does this, the fee is substantially cheaper.

This game also caters for all ages up to year 12 and is broken down into the separate maths areas. Children have an avatar and as they build up credits through improving on their personal best scores, they can then buy different background, clothes etc for their avatar.

The other major highlight is that they can compete against other children from around the world in a timed quiz. This is probably the favourite activity for my kids.

(3). Count Us In
This site is definitely on the easier end of the game section, but the bonus is that you can link it in to the TV show, so you can really help consolidate some basic mathematical concepts. For more information about the TV show, see my post on Selecting TV Programs For Children.

(4). Snakes and Ladders
An online version of a very traditional game. This can be played with one or two players.

(5). Math Dojo
A martial arts themed game that helps children quickly recite their basic number facts. They then can replay their results to see their turtle do some smooth moves.

(6). Once upon a ……
Children need to select adjectives, nouns, verbs etc to fill in the gaps, which will create their own silly story.

(7). Poem Pack
A simple game teaching children the long vowel sounds made by different combinations of letters.

(8). Plank Walk
A twist on the old traditional hang man game.

(9). Word Order
Children need to put words into alphabetical order. As each stage is completed, the child has a choice to increase the level as they go along.

(10). Oz Speller
This site also caters for all primary school levels. Children can listen to the word, read the definition and sentence to work out what the word is that they need to spell.

What online games are your children enjoying at the moment?