May – Posts Of The Month

Here are a collection of posts that I came across in my travels across the blogosphere, that I enjoyed during the month of May.

I fear for our young people written by Belongum. I came across this blog from the Aussie Blogger’s Forum and am so happy to have discovered it. This post is a beautifully written plea for us as a society to start taking better care of our young people.

Club 21, “girl world” exposed: binge drinking, bullying, low self esteem and distorted body image. – posted by Leigh from All for Women. Having only a four year old daughter, this post gave me a shocking insight into how peer pressure is now presenting itself if the environment of the Web 2.0 world.

From Let’s talk about social justice, Loren poses the question “Are we racist?” The post looks about the importance of dealing with race in a positive way with children. To end racism it will need to start with the next generation.

Wants VS Needs – posted at Journeyer’s Chronicals, looks at how easily we fall into the consumerism trap.

Two – from Alison at Three Times Kewl writes a poignant piece about her hopes and fears for her beautiful child.

The club nobody wants to belong to – Tiff from Three Ring Circus has experienced grief as a mother that I cannot imagine. In this heart felt post, she gives a delicate insight into how a new member of her club may be feeling.

A Letter to My Son, on Starting Out In Life – Leo from Zen Habits shares with his readers a letter he has thoughtfully written for his three year old son.

Another “No Homework!” Note to the Teacher – by Angela at Homework. Dinner. Life. I am not a massive fan of homework and I loved the idea that Angela is encouraging parents to stand up for their kids and write a note to say they won’t be doing homework on their family holiday.

Can Parental Involvement Make Kids Smarter? – Eden Kennedy guest posting on Wonderland, looks at a number of issues in this post, but the one I found most startling was this fact that I found from a link she had to the New York Times

A profusion of online programs that can track a student’s daily progress, including class attendance, missed assignments and grades on homework, quizzes and tests, is changing the nature of communication between parents and children, families and teachers. With names like Edline, ParentConnect, Pinnacle Internet Viewer and PowerSchool, the software is used by thousands of schools, kindergarten through 12th grade. PowerSchool alone is used by 10,100 schools in 49 states.

Create your own audio books – from PlayActivities. A simple way, with links to free software on how to make your own audio books for your kids.

Why I’ve cancelled my facebook account – from Cello Bella. Now I don’t have a facebook account, and I still found this video very funny. Mr Infrastructure who does have a facebook account found this hilarious.

Hope the start of June is kind to you!