Monthly Review for April/May

At the start of May I changed to my own server and it took me a while to sort out some problems and settle in. As such the Monthly Review for April did not appear. This therefore is a combined review of April and May and some goals I am setting myself for June.


Not being too busy.
April was not great, May started roughly and I actually averaged about 6 hours a night sleep for the first 10 days in May. So far away from where I wanted to be. But in last two weeks of May, I have seemed to have achieved more balance. They key was creating a work plan and sticking to it. Providing I can stick to it for June, I will talk about this further in a separate post.

Making a decision on kinder for Babaganouski
Babaganouski is born on April 30 which is the cut off date for age entry into kinder and school. I needed to decide if I want to enrol him for 3 y.o kinder in 2009 or wait until 2010. We have decided that we will wait until 2010 and I am confident that this will be the right decision for him.

This decision has the flow on effect of determining when we send Babaganouski to school. Our decision now means he will turn 6 in the year he starts Prep. This is a widely debated topic in Australia and one which is a personal one for each family and is dependent upon the individual child.

Create a Command Centre
During April I had on my to do list to make this myself as per the instructions on Mom Ready. This actually never happened and so I decided to look to purchase one online. The Wall Organiser that I like the most and which will fit the space that I have for it, does not send to Australia. I am yet to find one similar that ships to Australia, so I am still searching on this one and if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

Birthday Celebrations
We had two small parties this year, Babaganouski’s was very small, but also very special as we were in Mildura a couple of days after his birthday and had it there with his grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin who live there as well as his other aunties and uncles that were also visiting.

Organise the Special People
Each child had the special person of their choice to take to their school for Special Persons Day.

Writing Practice for Little Rascal
This was actually much easier than I had expected. One weekend in April while I was in the study blogging, I asked Little Rascal to come and sit with me and hand write a story. Once he completed it, I said he could use the computer to “publish” it and I would teach him to insert pictures for the illustrations.

It took him a little while to come up with a topic, but he decided on Scooby Doo. Now I would have preferred a different topic, but given that he was excited about it, I decided to let that go and focus on the fact that at least he was writing.

Once he had published and illustrated his first story which was titled Scooby Doo vs Shaggy, Little Rascal informed me that he was going to do a series and his next one was going to be Scooby Doo vs Fred. Each weekend he would work on a story and then take it to school for Show and Share.

I loved that he was so proud of his work. Little Rascal has a wonderful teacher and even without me discussing this project with her, after his second story he came home from school with a presentation folder to put his stories in. Little Rascal very excitedly told me, that when it is finished it is allowed to go in their reading corner!

Back Yard
We are into maintenance mode now here and as it is winter the level of work is not as great


Not being too busy.
Measurables here for me are being in bed by 11.00pm and one week day a week where I am at home.

Mid year catch ups.
Now that we are entering June, it is going to be 6 months or more since I have seen some people. I am going to try and organise a couple of catch up with groups of friends, so I can see a few mates at a time.

Re-do the family budget.
This task actually falls into Mr Infrastructure’s department (yay!!), but I do have to help with the inputs. A few things have changed recently, so to be truly reflective of our in comings and outgoings we need to revise our figures.

Change over toys.
I like to change over the toys that we have out on display every couple of months, so they meet the interests and developmental needs of the children.

Gather donations.
The boy’s schools is supporting the St Vincent de Paul Society’s Winter Appeal I will get the children to help me go through some cupboards in our house and find items for donation.

So are you like me and a little freaked out that it is June already? What goals are you setting for yourself this month?