Removing The Battle Lines

Back in February I reorganised Possum’s drawers and wardrobes. Possum has independently dressed herself since she was two and has an eclectic sense of style! For an example of this, see the photo in the Wordless Wednesday post preceding this.

The style I have learnt to cope with, but as the mornings have started to get colder (4 – 7 degrees Celsius) Possum and I have started to have battles over what is warm enough to wear for the walk to school.

Shorts and leggings are her favourite items of clothing and there was a few of these pieces of clothing left in her drawers. As her favourites they were also in high rotation. Some days we would have a discussion about how cold it was outside and we would find some middle ground by putting her leggings on underneath the shorts.

Two mornings last week though the discussion was really a battle and their was unhappiness on both sides. I now knew this situation was causing too much disruption to our morning routine and I needed to make some changes.

On the weekend I sat Possum down and explained that we are almost near winter and all shorts now need to be put away until spring when the weather warms up. Possum was devastated and cried about how much shes loves her shorts, but they went away.

Mr Infrastructure had suggested that I just put them away without telling her. I really try to be honest with the kids and expect them to be so with me, so although it was very difficult to see Possum so upset, I think it has worked out for the best.

Since we moved them out of her drawers on the weekend, Possum has not asked for the shorts and has started dressing more appropriately for the weather and the school morning routine is much more peaceful.

Removing the source of the battle, as opposed to trying to manage the battle on a daily basis is something that I have done before and have found it an effective strategy for managing contentious issues in the house. I just wish that I had remembered to do this a month ago!