What Is Mum’s Work Worth?

Firstly Happy Mother’s Day! I have had a wonderful morning so far and hope you have too. This year my birthday actually falls on Mother’s Day so I have been doubly spoilt.

If you have ever wondered how much you might earn, if being a mother was a paid job, go to Salary.com and use their Mom Salary Wizard.

Now I don’t really believe that you could ever put a true financial figure on mothering as there is so many subjective factors involved, not to mention the personal satisfaction and unconditional love that come as part of the job. But it is a bit of fun to calculate what your “mum work” would be worth in terms of market value.

According to Salary.Com the average stay at home mother would earn $124,000 ($US117,000) a year. They calculate the figures using the number of children in different age groups, paid work status and using 10 job titles that contain duties that a mum typically performs.

NB. There is also a Dad Salary Wizard as well.