More On The Purpose of Preschool

On Saturday I posted about thoughts of mine and some leading educators on the purpose of preschool. One of things I love so much about blogging, is the sharing of information and ideas. There are some fantastic comments on this post and if you have to make some decisions regarding preschool, I can highly recommend reading them.

I also thought I’d post another couple of links – one which I received yesterday through a newsletter that I subscribe to and some which I didn’t quote in the post.

Should preschools teach all work and no play?
“Parents want to prepare kids, but experts say drills can kill love of learning.”

Parents Connect with Children Through the Arts
“Since the enactment of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), schools are spending more time testing students in reading and math and less time ensuring students receive a balanced education that includes creative learning.”

Let Children Play!
“The importance of play is strongly supported by researchers from a range of disciplines including psychology, education, philosophy, anthropology and recreation. In spite of this, society as a whole continues to view play as a frivolous pastime. How can we gain a better understanding of play?”

Thanks for the wonderful comments that have provided me with more information to help me make an up coming decision on preschool.