10 Quick Ways to Feed Unexpected Lovely Visitors

As you may have noticed, I do love to plan and have things very much ordered and organised. However too much of this can make life a little dull , so I do also appreciate and value the unexpected as well.

I love the “pop in” visit and always find it so enjoyable when friends drop by and we have a chance to catch up. I am not sure if it is my country up bringing, but I always feel the need to feed my visitors, regardless of the time that they visit.

I have to admit to being a bit freaked out about the pop in no so long ago. What will they think of the state of my house??? I don’t have anything decent serve them with their cup of tea!!

But I have learnt from some very smart women around me, that the state of the house doesn’t matter, the company is the most important thing about the visit. I have also worked out that I can feed visitors easily just by making sure I always have a few food items in the cupboards/fridge, so I can put something together when friends do pop in.

These items also come in very handy when you have had an arranged catch up, where the children are all playing so well that you have just kept talking and now it is time for dinner!

(1). Vegemite or Chutney Scrolls .
A light snack needing only puff pastry, Vegemite or chutney and cheese.

(2). White Chocolate Chip Muffins .
Take only 10 minutes to prepare with standard baking items and are delicious warm.

(3). Scones.
Minimal ingredients and so easy to make. I often forget how tasty a warm scone is!

(4). Easy Apple Turnovers.
Again using the versatile puff pastry and some standard pantry items.

(5). Dip, Vegetables Sticks and Crackers.
I often just have a dip in the fridge, but two other stand by options are:
(i). Combine a packet of french onion soup mix and a tub of sour cream, to make your own french onion dip.
(ii). Salsa – finely chop an onion, fry in some oil, add minced chilli to taste, 2 tsps cumin and a can of diced tomatoes. Simmer until it is dipping thickness and you have some tasty home made salsa!

(6). Nachos.
I keep a packet of plain corn chips in the cupboard and we always have cheese. Add some of the above salsa and sour cream and you have a plate of nachos to share.

(7). Sausage In Bread.
I keep a dozen sausages in the freezer. (Sausages are not really my thing, but this is really more to feed the kids on those days where the afternoon catch up, has extended into the territory of dinner). I will defrost the sausages and throw them on the barbie, wrap them in some bread and ta-dah a quick meal for the kids!

(8). Tuna Wraps.
I keep a packet of wraps (bought from the supermarket) in the cupboards and just keep an eye on the use by date. They usually last for a couple of weeks. (If I haven’t used them prior to this, I will use them for the kids lunches). By also having some flavoured canned tuna on hand too, you can then make a tasty wrap with the tuna and any other salad you may have lurking in the fridge.

(9). Pasta with Pesto.
A packet of pasta, a jar of good quality pesto, cracked pepper and some Parmesan cheese and you can whip up a quick meal that will feed a small crowd.

(10). Mini Pizzas
I stock in the freezer a packet of 10 five inch pizza bases. Using staples of tomato paste and cheese and then any other interesting items that are on offer, you can make up individual pizzas for your guests.

What are your tried and tested recipes you use to feed your lovely friends when they pop in to visit?