Children’s Timetable Term 2, 2008

Week one down of a long (twelve week) school term for the kids. This term there are changes with sporting activities, so I have revised the children’s timetable created at the start of the school year. Along with this I have also changed the suggested activities for the preschooler and toddler, to allow for variety and to align closer with what their interests are at the moment.

I like to create a weekly children’s timetable and have it easily visible for the children, so that they can use it to organise themselves and their belongings for the school day.

As with the last timetable, the font I have used in the table, is called Victorian Modern Cursive. This is the style of handwriting taught in primary schools through out Victoria. This may not show up on correctly your computer, but you can download it freely from the Victorian Govt Education website. I like to use this font for the preschoolers and younger school age children, as it helps them become familiar with the way the will need to write the alphabet.

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Children’s Timetable

What tips do you have for getting the kids off to school in a calm and timely manner?