Monthly Review – March

Time to take a look what I have achieved during March and then take a peek forward and see what is on the horizon for April.

My monthly review does not go into the low level detail, but looks at the key tasks that I was hoping to work my way through and how I fared.


Not being too busy.
My aim was to be in bed by 11.00pm as a norm and I have to confess to making it to bed by this time less than a quarter of the nights in March.

Towards the end of the month (knowing that I was going to have to write how poorly I had fared), I started noting down what I was doing with my time for a few days to see why this is a constant occurrence.

The bottom line is that I don’t want to miss out on anything, and will keep cramming things into my day without dropping any activities off. This is not a sustainable way to go and I have to make some decisions about where I will focus my energies this month.

Complete buying winter clothes for children and mum and dad.
Children – completed.
Mr Infrastructure – yet to start. If he doesn’t get going soon I will have to do it for him!
Me – The heavy winter coat that I have been hunting for is alluding me. But I came across I op therefore I am in by blog travels and I will check out a few of the stores they recommend.

Easter holiday and camping
Completed and so happy to have been part of my friends camping troop. I have memories of a strong, funny and intelligent woman that I will never forget.

Enrollment/Registration for Term 2 after school activities.

Back garden
Work in progress – about a quarter of the way through this project. It will probably be May before we finish as we have sport on both Saturday and Sunday mornings now.


Not being too busy.
I will have to keep putting this one on until I achieve a better balance. I have quite a few things that I want to achieve with the blog over the next couple of months that will require a decent amount of work from me.

I have given quite a lot of thought as to where I can squeeze this extra time from and for the next 6 weeks I am going to try and limit some of my social activities.

I love morning teas, after school family plays, parties etc but I am going to try pulling back slightly this month, so that I can make it to bed by 11.00pm. I need to do better than last month.

Making a decision on kinder for Babaganouski
Babaganouski turns 2 on April 30 and I need to decide if I want to enrol him for kinder next year. This decision is just a part of the broader decision about when we send him to school.

April 30 is the cut off day for children turning 5 before they can enter school in Victoria. Little Rascal was April 20 and we made the decision to wait for him to turn 5 before he went to school (he turned 6 when in prep) and this decision was a fantastic one for him. He settled into Prep even better than I could have imagined. I need to assess if this will be the right move for Babaganouski.

Create a Command Centre
This sounds so completely nerdy I know, but if you take a peek at the photo in this link at The Organizing Junkie’s, you might understand why I want one!

I have a Manila folder that I keep on a kitchen bench near the phone, but it inevitably builds up to a mess and doesn’t always have the items I would like on hand there.

Birthday Celebrations
A party for Babaganouski and a dinner with friends for Little Rascal. You can see more about how I am planning those on my Thursday posts during April.

Organise the Special People
In May both kinder and school have Grandparents/Special Persons Days. We have 2 grandparents and a great grandmother in Melbourne, but there was a year (when Babaganouski was born) that I left the organising too late and the new born Babaganouski and I ended up being the special visitors.

Writing Practice for Little Rascal
Little Rascal is an active child and has a natural preference for mathematics. He will often ask me to write him sums to do, but when it comes to writing a story (and practising his handwriting) he is a little apprehensive. I think relates to his perfectionist nature, so this month I am going to try a few different things to get him writing more at home.

Back Yard
At least with the cooler weather the growth of the plants (and weeds) slows a little. I think to work through the next quarter would be doable this month.

How did you go last month and what key tasks are you setting for yourself for April?