10 Point Children’s Birthday Party Plan

Two of my four children have birthdays within 10 days of each other in April. Little Rascal will turn 7 on the 20th and Babaganouski (my baby!) will turn 2 on the 30th.

It has been jibed at me, that for someone who loves to plan that I didn’t do such a great job of planning my kids arrival in this world. We have the April cluster then, Thinker will have his 10th birthday on 27th Nov and and less than two weeks later Possum will be 5 on 10th Dec. There are just some things (like conception) that you just can’t plan!

So when it comes to children’s birthday parties, I have quite a few checklists and spreadsheets that I like to use to help me through these busy periods. I have listed below, my main checklist.

EDIT: Each point is now linked to the post that I have written on the topic. Simply click on the heading to see further details on this point.

This list works like a to do list for me and allows for a methodical approach to planning the parties for the children.

(1). Overall family birthday party strategy.

(2). Party Themes.

(3). Invitations.

(4). Guest List.

(5). Food and Drink List.

(6). Games/Activities Plan.

(7). Decorations and Party Accessories.

(8). Party Week and Day Timetables.

(9). Emergency Plan.

(10). Thank You Notes.

I have links and spreadsheets to share for these points and will do so over the month of April, as I am planning parties for my two boys. On Thursday I will start off with: our family strategy for birthday parties, themes and invitations. Look forward to sharing tips on how you plan successful children’s birthday parties.