Menu Planner – Easter Week And Shopping List

Menu Planner It was a very easy to plan the family meals for this week, as we head off for our Easter Holidays on Thursday morning, which left me only three meals for to cook this week at home:

Monday: Tacos

Tuesday: Vietnamese Beef with Noodles (Recipe attached)

Wednesday: Sausages and Salad
Baking: Chocolate Balls (Recipe attached)

Thursday: At my sisters!

Friday: Big Family Lunch – Dinner will be what is left over.

Saturday: Camping – BBQ

Sunday: Camping – BBQ

I received some fantastic feedback last week on how other people collated their shopping lists and plan their supermarket shopping. I have since then, started creating two basics list, one for the fortnightly shop and the other list for what I need to buy on a monthly basis. I will post these next week Monday when they are finished.

Menu Plan Shopping List 080317

I have attached our very small shopping list for this week. I have also copied the explanation from last week about what is the attached excel file below.

The file contains three separate spreadsheets. The first is named “Complete Shopping List’ and it lists by supermarket aisle all the ingredients that are needed to cook the family meals for this week.

The second spreadsheet is named “Ingredients By Meal’ and it lists the ingredients that are required for the family meals this week.

The third spreadsheet is named “Menu Plan” and is a modified version of the menu plan that I print and place on the fridge. I have a notes section, that I like to populate with any activities that are likely to impact the evening meal routine.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate this holiday.

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