“Preparing Food Is An Act Of Love”

When it comes to radio, I am definitely a FM girl in the car. Mr Infrastructure on the other hand is AM (particular of the Radio National Variety). I normally like to jibe him about how old he is because he listens to this stuff, but this Saturday morning I actually had to thank him, because I really enjoyed what I heard!

When I started the car on the way to gym, it was on 774 am and there was a man with a French accent , talking about cooking and he stopped me from changing the station when he said:

“Preparing food is an act of love.”

I then listened to as much as I could before I would be late for exercise class, and what I heard was a fantastic. The Frenchy was Gabriel Gate and he was joined by Dr Rob Moodie to promote their new book, Recipes for a Great Life: Simple Steps to Wellbeing and Vitality.

The book “Combines healthy food recipes, and tips for healthy eating, with practical steps for getting more out of life (improve your relationships, be physically active, intellectually curious, culturally active, spiritually enriched, and happy in the workplace)” That is a lot more than what you get from a standard cookbook!

Their conversation set me thinking about how I view cooking for the family. Sometimes I have to admit that it does seem like a bit of a chore, especially when they request as they have done this week, Meatballs. They love this meal and as a consequence, eat large amounts of it, which means I spend loads of time making and cooking the little meatballs. But perhaps if I change the way I look at it, instead of being a chore but as “an act of love”, maybe I will enjoy the cooking process a lot more.

The meatball recipe I use is very basic, but is one that my mum taught me and cooked frequently upon my request when I was a child. I will also try this week, to get the children to help me make them. They have nimble little hands and I am sue they will roll up great little balls. We’ll see how we go anyway!

If you happen to be in Melbourne on Wednesday 12 March, you can catch Gabrielle Gate & Rob Moodie at their Book Launch. It is at Readings in Hawthorn from 6:30pm and you will need to book as there are limited places: $15, includes a drink and tastes from the new book. I would love to go, but Mr Infrastructure is pretty flat out at work at the moment and wouldn’t be able to get home in time to be with the children. If you go , let me know what you thought of the book and their food.

Here is this week’s plan:

Monday: Moroccan minted beef

Tuesday: Creamy Tomato and Chicken Stew

Wednesday: Sausage and Steamed Vegetables
Baking: Lemon Slice (Recipe Attached)

Thursday: Porcupine Meatballs with Rice (a family favourite, recipe attached below.)

Friday: Jambalaya (I have never cooked this before, but have always wanted to. I will be using the following two recipes from fellow menu planners at Sarah’s Musings and Pass the Beans Please, to make something I think the kids will love as well as me.)

Saturday: Fish and chips (mum and dad going to a dinner party)

Sunday: Dinner at their lovely Aunty’s (mum and dad have a farewell party for the Thinker’s Godfather who is moving to Singapore for a number of years.)

For more menu planning ideas head on over to Laura’s place at “I’m an Organizing Junkie“.