Posts of the Month (Not mine!)

It has been two months since I have had this blog up and running and beside the fun and joy I have received from working on this in itself, it has also opened me up to a whole new world – the blogosphere. I have been amazed and impressed at the intellect, humour and honesty with which people blog.

I decided that I would like to collate my favourites for this month and then share on a monthly basis my posts of the month. When I told the sporting obsessed Mr Infrastructure that I was going to do this, he said “Good idea, it is just like plays of the month.” He has the most amazing ability to turn all things into a sporting analogy!

Anyway here they are and I would like to thank these bloggers for sharing their thoughts, stories and tips. I have loved reading them.

From the heart:
Charlottes story – angel in heaven. An emotional and beautifully written post about a mother’s loss.

Do you encourage motherhood? A very honest admission from a mother on her experience of motherhood.

More thoughts and an update on the ugly. A mum doing what all mum’s do at some point and second guessing herself.

Consuming Issues:
Being pretentious: no longer any fun. A humorous look at trying to shop ethically.

A critique on the buy handmade movement. Asks the questions that regardless of the fact that it is handmade, is it just “more crap for us to buy”?

Top ten groovy lullabies. Not only has Kate put together a great list of lullabies, but has gone to the trouble of including the associated YouTube video.

How to know if you’re a good mother. Most mums will relate to Cellobella as she reminisces about visiting the Maternal and Child Health Nurse weekly, then meets her just recently again.

Five ways to emotionally smart kids. An excellent and succinct piece on the importance on building emotional intelligence in your kids.

Time leadership for bloggers a case study
With so much to look at in the blogosphere and other Internet associated activity, this is a great way to look at time management.

Core knowledge and creativity for Learning 2.0. Great thoughts on how Web 2.0 can be a learning tool for students (and adults!). Looks at the importance of creativity in education.

Go check them out and I am sure you will enjoy them too!