Sleeping – Anyway You Can Get It

In our house sleep is a precious commodity. It was my turn to sleep in this morning. During the holidays we can get a day each on the weekend, as there is no week end sport that we have to be on time for. When my husband entered the room at 9.00am I thought he looked quite sleepy. He joined me in bed, and very quickly we had all 4 children crawling all over us. After a few minutes our eldest son, explained that “I thought dad was just pretending to be a sleep again, but when I accidentally trampled on his legs and he didn’t move, I realised he was really asleep.”

My husband then volunteered that he had been lying on the mattresses on the floor (left over mess from the sleepover our eldest son had recently) reading books to the kids, when he started to get drowsy and thought he would just close his eyes for a bit. The “bit” ended up lasting about 20 minutes! What was the little one (20 months) doing I asked? “He just wandered around with us and played.” The bigger boys told me. “I feel good now though.” their dad added.