Monthly review – letting go

letting go - teenagers

If you read my newsletter, you would have read the following a few weeks ago in relation to our eldest teenager: Restrictions on technology is by far the biggest issue we have. All the research I have done on technology/tv for kids all restrictions are needed and I personally agree. Even adults … [Read more...]

E-book review: Parenting in a Digital World: Stop fighting, start connecting

parenting in a digital world

Parenting in a Digital World: Stop fighting, start connecting: The E-book is written by Martine Oglethorpe who blogs at The Modern Parent. Martine has a background in secondary education and is a qualified youth and family Counsellor. She is able to combine her professional work and research with … [Read more...]

Managing technology with teenagers – what other families do

I recently shared how we manage technology with the teenagers in our house. I received lots of great feedback from readers on the post, via email and on facebook. I have collated some of the responses below as I always find it helpful to read/see/hear what other families do with their kids. No … [Read more...]

Developing kids’ independence

Developing kids' independence

If you listen to my kids I am the only parent in the world who makes them do tasks around the house or do things for themselves! Of course I am aware that this is not the case, but sometimes I wonder am I doing the right thing. Our eldest child went to a Montessori preschool and I learnt a … [Read more...]