Our Big Family School Morning Routine

Big Family Morning Routine

Today's post is by my friend Katie. Katie wrote her first guest post back in September last year Our Big Family Story. This post Katie share more about her family and how her and her husband go about life with 8 kids. There is just so much to love about this post - Katie's love for her family, … [Read more...]

Starting Preschool

Our youngest child starts preschool this year. When I come back from my online holiday, I will be work with our three year old to create a preschool morning routine for him. These routine charts really help the child to become responsible for getting themselves organised in the morning. I have … [Read more...]

Daily Schedule For Kids

Year 2 School & Homework Daily Schedule 2011 500

{If you are reading via email you may need to click through to see the video.} I have posted before about the daily schedules (timetables) that I create with my kids to help them keep themselves organised for kinder and school. This video show how I update the daily schedule for the younger kids. … [Read more...]