In what order should the alphabet and sounds be taught?

In what order should the alphabet and sounds be taught1

Today's post is from the fab team at Love2learn. I shared our first experience with Love2learn a couple of years ago which you can read here - Love2Learn – Literacy Classes For Little Ones. After our trial session I booked our youngest into a class straight away and he attended Love2learn for over … [Read more...]

Helping beginning readers

Helping beginning readers - tips for parents

This week on the blog I will be featuring posts on the theme of supporting kids’ learning. You can read other posts in this series here: Supporting kids’ learning – study skills and prioritising The post is written by a Melbourne Speech Pathologist, Alison Clarke. I have known Alison for over … [Read more...]

Hangman Tips For Kids

Hangman Tips For Kids Main

My sisters and I could play hangman for great lengths of time. It is a great game for kids to know as it can be played easily in most places, as long as you have paper, pencil and something to rest on. The first couple of games, I just watched how the kids guessed the letters to try and work … [Read more...]

Love2Learn – Literacy Classes For Little Ones


If you read the Literacy Series I ran earlier this year, you would know I am passionate about early literacy, particularly the phonics based approach. I was thrilled to find out from a mum from school about the early literacy classes she teaches at a local centre in Deepdene (Balwyn). Love 2 … [Read more...]