Managing homework materials

creating a homework box

In our home we have three formal desks and five kids at school. This means that not everyone has a place they can use as their own and have their homework materials and projects set up permanently. We have had success for some time with a small central place to store homework items which you can … [Read more...]

Supporting kids’ learning – study skills and prioritising

supporting kids learning - study skills and prioritising.jpg

This week on the blog I will be featuring posts on the theme of supporting kids' learning. Once you have kids in school it is often difficult to know: how much to help what help to give and if you are teaching them the right things! I have a couple of fab guest posts lined up as I am not … [Read more...]

Creative Writing Stories – Primary School Homework

Creative Writing Proforma

Today's post is my response to a reader's email. A disclaimer up front again - I am not a teacher. The insight I provide on helping kids with their homework, in this case creative writing stories, is based on my experience and the research I have undertaken. I have read your book and you are … [Read more...]

Managing Homework With Little Children About

Managing Children's Homework

On my post on Magic 100 Words or Sight Words a number of people asked how do I manage to work with my prep child on these activities with younger (and older!!) children around. Firstly I will say that it is a juggle and it doesn't always go quite as interruption free as I would like, but over … [Read more...]