Supporting kids’ learning – study skills and prioritising

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This week on the blog I will be featuring posts on the theme of supporting kids' learning. Once you have kids in school it is often difficult to know: how much to help what help to give and if you are teaching them the right things! I have a couple of fab guest posts lined up as I am not … [Read more...]

Creative Writing Stories – Primary School Homework

Creative Writing Proforma

Today's post is my response to a reader's email. A disclaimer up front again - I am not a teacher. The insight I provide on helping kids with their homework, in this case creative writing stories, is based on my experience and the research I have undertaken. I have read your book and you are … [Read more...]

Managing Homework With Little Children About

Managing Children's Homework

On my post on Magic 100 Words or Sight Words a number of people asked how do I manage to work with my prep child on these activities with younger (and older!!) children around. Firstly I will say that it is a juggle and it doesn't always go quite as interruption free as I would like, but over … [Read more...]

10 Tips For Managing After School Activities

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about taking the time to ask questions to check the comprehension of the children's nightly reading. However for most families, this is only one of many activities that needs to occur after school. With the more children attending school, the greater the number of after … [Read more...]