5 ways Evernote can help you stay organised

5 ways Evernote can help you stay organised

Around a similar time last year I wrote a post on How to use Evernote to reduce paper clutter in the home. I really do love Evernote* and it is such a simple tool you can use to help with household, personal and work organisation. In my first post I explain exactly what Evernote is and share tips … [Read more...]

How to stay organised

How to stay organised at home

How do you stay organised? This question in various forms is frequently asked of me. In this post Personal Motivation In Motherhood a few years ago, I answered the question from a reader who wanted to know where I got my motivation to actually do what I write about. In last year's survey, in the … [Read more...]

Managing homework materials

creating a homework box

In our home we have three formal desks and five kids at school. This means that not everyone has a place they can use as their own and have their homework materials and projects set up permanently. We have had success for some time with a small central place to store homework items which you can … [Read more...]